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Hirakawa Work Inc.

(Replace belt lizard) Grande Casserole QUARTZ watch for lefthanders 'HW-PWC-001BL' Manufactured by Hirakawa Work Inc. Made in Shinshu JAPAN.

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This product is a belt replacement product. (Lizard)

It is first product at 'Grande Casserole' QUARTZ watch.

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  • For left handers.
  • For Right-hand drive


  • SKU:HW-PWC-001BL
  • Calibur:Y121
  • Case material:Stainless Steel
  • Glass:Curvehardrex
  • Band:Nylon and Artificial leather
    (Option Service: Replace with lizard or crocodile.
    (Manufactured by SEIKO Time Lab. DX02A))
  • Water Resistance:30m (3ATM)
  • Case Thickness:9.5mm
  • Case Size:38mm x 40mm
  • Weight:35g
  • Lug Width:18mm
  • Weight:35g
  • Wrist size:212mm(max)
  • Accuracy: Within 15 seconds per month
  • Battery:SR626SW

Notice: In order to adapt overseas shipping, we ship without batteries. Please install the SR626SW battery in the watch, at your local watch store or you.


  1. All made in Shinshu,JAPAN.

    (Except outer-box. It is made in China for reduceing costs.)

  2. Calibur
    The caliber is made of all metal and can be disassembled and cleaned for long-term use. If handled carefully, it will have a lifespan of 20 years or more. It uses a special Y121 movement and is all assembled in reverse.

  3. Dial and Hands
    The design of the dial and hands follows the design of the ship clock (Seiko QM-11). It is designed as a practical watch with high visibility. It ticks the exact time in seconds and can recognize the time immediately.

  4. Case
    All Stainless Steel. It was newly designed from the press die.

  5. Belt and Clousure
    The buckle and band are attached upside down from a normal watch.You can fasten the belt quickly. The buckle is also a new design for wearing with the right hand.
    (At the time of manufacture. The top and bottom of the belt can be swapped so that it can be placed in the normal buckle position.)

  6. Easy battery replacement and repair
    We can be replaced with standard rubber seal. And battery is also standard silver oxide battery.


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