Why disaster preventing equipment company sell quartz watch? ~ The History Of quartz watch ~

Why disaster preventing equipment company sell quartz watch?

'Accurate clock' is 'Disaster preventing equipment' at modern society.

Quartz watches were developed to prevent numerous tragic accidents due to watch inaccuracies. After World War II, the world became a highly accelerated society. So,The inaccurate and laid-back clocks caused tragic accidents around the world, and accurate clocks was long-awaited.

Especially in transportation, construction and civil engineering, the basis of accident prevention is that everyone works based on 'accurate time', to do this, everyone needs to have an accurate clock that shows the same time. However, it is difficult with mechanical watches that are "inaccurate for 20 seconds a day" before quartz watches. Miserable fatalities have become more frequent due to uncontrolled movements caused by inaccurate watches.

As a result, mechanical watches have been improved around the world to achieve more accurate times. But the required accuracy is within 1 second per day, so it was extremely difficult to achieve that accuracy with a mechanical watch.

"There is no solution other than making a wristwatch that is a miniature of the crystal vibration electronic clock developed by ’Bell Telephone Laboratories’."

Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. (currently ’Seiko Epson Corporation’) decided so.

The original quartz vibration electronic clock was a huge cabinet size, and even Bell Laboratories could not reduce its size. But finally, in 1969, Suwa Seikosha succeeded making it wristwatch the first in the world.

Half a century has passed. Quartz watches are manufactured all over the world. However, the originality of Nagano, the hometown of watches, is still alive. In Nagano, we worked on a new quartz wristwatch from one of the screws throughout the region. And even now, we can all make wristwatch from one of the electronic components in Nagano.

Made in JAPAN?

All parts are made locally from raw materials. Skilled workers assemble it one by one by hand. This produces the highest quality in the world. We sell genuine and practical quartz watches from the original "Shinshu, JAPAN".

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