About 'Otogi-Koubou'

'Otogi-Koubou'(Otogi-Koubou Music and Technology Works Inc.) 

'Oto'(音) is Music and Sound.
'gi'(技) is Technology.
'Koubou'(工房) is Works.

We do 'Music and Technology Works'.Otogi-Koubou is group of Hirakawa Work Inc..We established 10/23/2018.

We love cats. And we product 'MECAT' headphone in Japan.'Mecat' use cat's underfur for make headphone high-definition sound.

We do private school in Japan.
We repair smartphones in Japan.
And we sell lefthanders watch 'Grande-Casserole'.

Otogi-Koubou Music and Technology Works Inc. is Authorized retailer of Hirakawa Work Inc.

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