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'Grande Casserole’ is watch on your right hand, for lefthanders, right hand drivers, and people who want to wear watches with different time zones in both hands.

All made in Shinshu,JAPAN.



  • 'Grande Casserole' To reach the destination of life

    Grande Casserole (The Plough in English) shine northern night sky.

    Life is limited, and time never stops or goes back. Everyone lives in an uncertain future toward their goals.

    We use the Grande Casserole to walk to the North Star.

    We use the "Grande Casserole" watch to walk to the destination of our life.

    In Shinshu, the roots of quartz watches, Grande Casserole shine northern night sky.

  • To make a practical watch, not just fashion!

    Grande Casserole follows the spirit of the successful development of quartz watches.

    There are many people who want to wear a watch on their right arm, not just those who are left-handed. However, with regard to quartz watches, there were few that were specially designed to be easy for left-handers to use.
    We make Grande Casserole watch in Japan, casting, forging, pressing, polishing, assembling, and so on; not as a so-called gathering assembly. (except outer-box. Because of reduceing costs...)

    Furthermore, the inside of the movement, the belt, and the crown are "all reverse". Thoroughly thought for those who wear it on the right hand, we are manufacturing new.

  • About 'Hirakawa Work Inc.'

    'Hirakawa Work Inc.' was founded in 1998, and Hirakawa started manufacturing pure gold earpicks.

    Hirakawa invented a coherer-based lightning detector (patent) and a coherer-type surge absorber (patent).

    Hirakawa is a comprehensive disaster prevention company, manufacturing custom equipments in Japan, for lightning prrotect system, and infectious disease control equipment by GUV.

    Hirakawa can also manufacture precision equipment. Hirakawa has started manufacturing watches, which are the ultimate in precision equipment.

    There is no disaster prevention without a clock.


Grande Casserole first product Now On Sale. HW-PWC-001BL For lefthanders.